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Audio Editing

Corvus Audio is responsible for editing over 60+ hours of published podcast content. If that doesn't sound like a lot, that number is about to get bigger. A standard 40min podcast format with two speakers starts with an hour of audio per person. That's 2 hours of audio that needs edited to fit in the combined 40min final episode. Many shows require something extra than this which leads to hours of content needing to be cut down and edited.

It's not just the length of the content that needs to be edited. A skilled editor is also responsible for making you sound your best. Removing filler words and phrases like "ummm" and "you know, removing double talk, and all the other little unneeded sounds are important things to catch while editing. We've heard it all and we have fixed a lot of troublesome audio over the years. Everything from loud jewelry, to a podcast guest who was recording while their new kitchen was being installed. Our best piece of advice is, "It's always better and cheaper to re-record". When that's not an option, call us.

Sound Waves
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