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We offer private and group consulting services that accommodate your needs. These can be introductory sessions, professional evaluations, or strategy discussions. 


Not all ideas for podcasts should make it to production. Some ideas are better suited for other medias and other ideas need some professional tweaking to maximize their impact. Planning out what you want to create and who it is for are important steps to take before picking up a microphone. 



To start production you will need equipment that fits your needs and can grow with you. Along with learning your new equipment there is organizing guests and content in a manageable way. Learning how to be a host also includes learning how to interview guests and proper microphone techniques. Editing is another important part of the creative process. It's important to learn the basics or find a reliable editor. 


After Publication

Your podcast launch is the most important part of bringing your podcast to the public. It's important to plan out your social media and marketing strategy in advance. To engage the community it's made for means publishing broadly across all podcast listening services and responding to feedback. Sometimes a rebranding or refresh is needed when you start to lose some steam, that's a great time to bring in an outside perspective.

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