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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Sound Design

Elevate any project with custom original foley, immersive soundscapes, and or environmental sound.

Running Shoes


Foley works best when it is made custom for your project. Avoid adding in sounds directly from a catalog and having them stick out like a sore thumb. Why take hours looking for the perfect sound when we can make it in our studio. Our attention to detail and experience will lead to a better end product. 


Immersive soundscapes are needed in all narratives to convey the environment and tone of the story. It's an important part of audio fiction, films, and commercials.

It should blend in and change with the story.

Sunset in the Woods
Image by Clint Bustrillos

Environmental Sound 

Manufactured sounds can also be added to physical environments like shopping centers, amusement parks, museums, and zoos. Influence and enhance experiences for patrons creatively with ambient soundscapes. These can also be used at home for game nights, parties, or working from home. 

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