Best of Dayton 2021 
Finalist for Best Local Podcast 

 Tears, Tides & Transformation 


When we share with one another through raw conversations and reflection, we can learn how to better manage the challenges and transitions in our lives.


KeAnna and Bridget interview women who are willing to vulnerably share their experiences with healing and mental health. The hosts then reflect on what they learned from the interview. Each episode provides tips and best practices for tackling the real challenges that are a part of all of our lives.

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Mary Beth Lehman

Savannah leads the industry in both knowledge and experience. We have always been able to trust our clients in her capable hands, as she guides them through the experience and the necessary technicalities of both launching and maintaining a podcast positioned for success.

KeAnna Daniels & Bridget Flaherty
Tears, Tides & Transformation Podcast

Having a producer and sound engineer makes a world of difference if you’re serious about podcasting and having a solid and good podcast show. Because of our experience, we have recommended Corvus Audio to others we know starting podcasts. It’s worth the investment. 

Max Kaplan
Luminus Coast

Corvus Audio was such a pleasure to work with. Savannah is professional, friendly, and fully invested in the projects she works on. Without their production help, my movie would not have been released.